ASP Interview Question

Q1. What is ASP.Net?

ASP.Net is a part of Microsoft .Net Framework. and server side scripting  language  that allow developers to dynamically create generated web pages and web application.

Q 2. How many types of caching i ASP.Net?

  1. Page Output Caching,()Output Caching.
  2. Data Caching(Output caching).
  3. Fragment Caching,()

Q 3. Life cycle of page life cycle event in the asp?

1) Page PreInit
2) Page Init
3) Page Init Complete
4) Page PreLoad
5) Page Load
6) Page LoadComplete
7) Page PreRender
8) Render

Q 4. Types of Validation in ASP.Net?

There are two types validation in ASP.Net

1 .Client Side Validation.

2.Servber Side Validation .

Q 5. What is State Managment in ASP.Net?

State Managment is the process by which you maintain styate and page information over multiple requests for the same or diffrent pages.

Q 6. Types of State Managment  in ASP.Net?

1- Client – Side State Managment.

2 -Server- Side State Managment.


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